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speed  |  certainty  |  value  |  confidentiality

We believe it shouldn't cost millions of dollars to sell your business

middle market M&a matchmakers

Leverage our proprietary buyer network, research tools, and industry expertise


It's our goal to get you a deal with one of our first three introductions


Meet the highest likelihood buyers from our proprietary network of qualified investors


Learn how a buyer will value your business and market trading multiples


Sell your business through private introductions, not email blasts or posting online


a simple, proven process

step 1

We meet to confidentially learn your business, unique investment considerations, growth opportunities, and value propositions

step 2

We develop a buyers thesis and identify the most qualified buyers from our proprietary network, databases, and institutional knowledge

step 3

We introduce you to the buyers with the most synergistic angles in order to increase deal certainty, value, and speed to close


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We offer our matchmaking services for free to selling business owners.  Private investors pay us for introductions to high-quality businesses.

Think of us as vested deal facilitators and a liaison between parties.  

We can work as fast as your schedule permits.  The average closing date is 30-90 days after a letter of intent (LOI).

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See how we can help accelerate your transaction timeline and improve deal certainty

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